Jimmy Two Stacks
 Car Club and Lounge
A Lifestyle ...not a business.............
3806 Willow Street Dallas, Texas 75226
Jimmy Two Stacks... Doesn't everyone have a pet Grease Monkey?

There are those that restore to get rich... Then there are those that the passion for restoration wakes them in the middle of the night..... But what about the rest of us?

The ones who prefer to grab life with both hands and hold on! 
We prefer to buy, build and release back into the wild. 
Letting the Average Joe have a weekend cruiser that wont need a mortgage.

On the concept
When an opportunity to create the ultimate man cave was put on the table..
well... with Champagne taste and a crafted beer budget... We leapt in with both feet!

The model evolves kind of like the cars...Buy it ..build it...and they will come :)

June 16 2012 Wow its almost been a year of NOT being in business ! Paint booth is now installed ! Currently finishing a 1974 Bricklin Running and even the Gullwing doors now work trying to decide to paint original vs. custom vs. Wrap? ! Doing a 66 Galaxie but having a bit of an issue getting the hood aligned after paint.. And just buttoning up a Fiat 2000 in Ferrari RED ....

Keep checking in as this is my first website and its the lowest priority..

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